It has been recognised that over time many different shots are referred to in a variety of ways. In order to ensure that coaching and learning of the game can be effectively achieved the terminology for service and stroke play has been revised by the ETTA National Talent and Coaching Manager and the ETTA Regional Coaches. The information below describes in detail all aspects of play and will be used in all our documentation and coaching courses.

Pendulum Service – Service with action moving towards the body on the point of contact.
Reverse Service – Service with action moving away from the body on the point of contact
Kicker Service – Service  action that imparts heavy topspin or sidespin topspin by brushing over the top or around the side of the ball.
Float Service – Service that imparts no spin on the ball

Counter Topspin
– Topspin stroke used close to the table, using a short action
Topspin to topspin – Topspin stroke used away from the table using a slightly longer action
Defence – Defensive stroke used away from the table (either chop or float)
Push – Defensive stroke played close to the table
Touch – Defensive or returning stroke played short on the opponents side of the table to stop the opponent attacking
Flick – Attacking stroke played when returning service or when opponent has touched short
Half Long – Attacking stroke played when 2nd bounce of the ball is just off the end of the table
Lob – Stroke that is played when away from the table, defensive stroke that puts the ball high in the air with topspin
Low lob – Attacking stroke when forced away from the table with less height on the trajectory and more topspin being put on the ball,
Block – Holding stroke with little or no backswing using the other persons pace to control the ball
Topspin off backspin – A topspin stroke with more use of the legs, generating the power of the stroke up instead of forward, changing the bat angle and brushing up the back of the ball
Backhand Punch – quicker action than the driving stroke using more power from the forearm and wrist hitting through the back of the ball.